I Love Lighthouses!

I probably should introduce myself. I'm a mother of two, happy wife of one, and I love lighthouses!

I first started my lighthouse collection when my grandmother gave me a few of her lighthouses from her collection. They weren't anything fancy, just some little lighthouses I could call my own. My father, her son, doesn't share her affinity with lighthouses, so I guess you could say the "lighthouse bug" skipped a generation!

I think the reason my grandmother gave me some of her lighthouses is that I absolutely loved to play with hers. By "play" I mean dust, move, rearrange, and admire.

Sometimes I wonder if I would have ever started a lighthouse collection all on my own, or if it was just that I was around my grandmother's lighthouse so much. Either way, it really doesn't matter why I started collecting, simply that I love to collect my lighthouses.

My daughter and son have not only been around my lighthouse collection, they have also been able to visit a lot of lighthouses with me. We have taken quite a few trips to visit lighthouses all over. I think I mentioned, I love lighthouses! And, I am enjoying seeing my son and daughter enjoy my collection.