Thomas Kinkade Lighthouses

Thomas Kinkade has earned a place in the modern art world with his much-loved, beautiful renditions of warm, homey images. Throughout the last decade, his award-winning work has enjoyed increased popularity. Some collectors choose to own several pieces, while others purchase only one or two items from Kinkade to complement their homes and lives. The artist continues to paint scenic canvasses depicting quaint and cozy villages with cobblestone paths, streams, and snow-capped knolls. These paintings are resplendent with their trademark images from the artist: glowing street posts and warm lights streaming from gleaming cottage windows in the evenings, or the sun bursting through clouds in the mornings. It's a look best described as cozy.

While the artist has built a solid reputation on the images of villages and cottages with pretty fences and stately gazebos, some of the best loved Kinkade pieces are those depicting lighthouses. These images are fresh and powerful. They show the wonder of these amazing structures that stand for hundreds of years being buffeted by the sea, and providing a beacon to sailors. The paintings highlight the force of nature and the awe-inspiring crashing of water along rocks and seasides. Still, there is a beautiful serenity and peace to be found in these works. This is the kind of art that inspires contemplation and wonder.

Unlike many artists' works today, Thomas Kinkade's images are accessible for nearly anyone. Fine canvasses and estate-worthy paintings are available for those who primarily wish to showcase a quality piece of art on their walls. There are paintings, prints, miniature paintings, and stretched canvasses. Also, there is a wide variety of options that appeal to those who love the look and images of Kinkade but are not in the market for a painting. Smaller items depicting the scenes are a lovely way of enjoying Thomas Kinkade. For example, home furnishing such as blankets and pillows lend a warm feeling to a house. Tote bags, calendars, and puzzles are available which all showcase pictures from the painter's body of work, including the lighthouse pieces. This is the perfect way to indulge in these images on a smaller scale or to treat someone to an especially lovely gift.

Whether looking for a beautiful painting for one's own home or for a gift bearing a charming image from the Kinkade collection, the lighthouses are some of the most beautiful available. The combined beauty of these amazing structures as rendered in the artist's hallmark style is breathtaking.